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The Juxtaposition of Race and Gender Within the Policy of Affirmative Action

The debate on affirmation action still continues and yet again, with the Supreme Court preparing to hear, in short, Abigail Noel Fisher, Petitioner vs. The University of Texas at Austin, et al.

What I find interesting about this case is that this time around, we see a juxtaposition between two of the central identities that are fought for in all affirmative action policy: gender and race. For now, I will just leave this video for you to begin drawing your own conclusions on this topic, if you haven’t already done so.

In the coming days, I will offer a more detailed post about three questions that come to my mind when engaging discussions on affirmative action in Higher Education: (1) What is affirmative action? (2) Who benefits from affirmative action? and (3) Why are these discussions on affirmative action viewing it solely on the basis of race?

So after watching the video, what are yours?

I look forward to reading your thoughts. More to follow…