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Science Education and Hip Hop

The link posted above is to an article within the New York Times that I think offers very interesting ways to help engage learning around Hip Hop. While most things within this capitalistic society involves the commodification of ideas and people for some type of monetary game, I have to say that if it benefits and promotes learning within our disadvantaged communities we have to take it seriously. How often do our youth feel disenchanted with what is going on in our schools? This is the case not only in K-12 settings but also at the collegiate level.

Please click the embedded link and read the article.  For all of my fellow educators who are in Educational Trenches, what are examples that you have used to promote student learning?  What pedagogical strategies have you used that did or didn’t work? And please tell why you think that happened in terms of your learning objectives? What advice would you have for pre-service teachers around differentiated instruction of various content knowledge?

I would love to read what you think…