Within this video, taken prior to her performance, there is so much background information that sheds light on Ms. Haarhoff and her journey. Contextualizing the play by explaining some of the cultural and historical information pertaining to South Africa was and remains very important. The ways in which colonialism, through the manifestation of not only Whiteness but capitalism, needs to also be considered when listening to her reflection.

The way in which Ms. Haarhoff uses the innocence of a “crush” to capture such a complex phenomenon as identity shifts was very intriguing and clever. Through the means of narration, a greater connection can be had between the audience and Ms. Haarhoff. Notions of Blackness and in the case of Ms. Haarhoff, Xhosaness, a jarring journey through “a process of becoming black,” i.e, Nigrescence theorized by Dr. William E. Cross, Jr.

I will offer a follow-up entry in which I will discuss in more detail the theory and it’s application to Crush-Hopper.