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Entering into a new phase in the journey that has become my life’s mission
Not sure what it entails and whom it touches
I have been blessed beyond my comprehension and current capacity
Imagery of what I am and who I am perceived to be varies based on the vantage point of the spectator
This point has been revisited as often as I have taken air into my lungs or so it would seem
The miracle that I have come to see my life routinely represent, finds me on the cusp of achieving an inspiring goal that will result in my being viewed in entirely new ways.
As a thinker, scholar, or community advocate to name a few.
It has not been so long ago that I was that lost soul who needed others to complete him
Make me feel worthy of existence
Today, my need is clear
My purpose is resolute
Yet my destination has yet to surface
The embodiment of a beautiful struggle
One that pulls me in multiple directions
Through multiple worlds and realities
From an abstract conception into a concrete set of experiences
that I have begun to understand and articulate for others to digest for their inner selves
This has become a beautiful space filled with much uncharted territory to uncover
An existential terrain that propagates me to unravel the mysteries that enshroud this perceived destiny of mine
Stringing together symbolic code to form a cultural representation—my very own experiential mosaic.
Repetitive in nature, harmonious to the trained ears and hearts of a developed mass of consciousness or minds yearning for something in which we both share and respect—humanity.
One that embraces difference, originality, obscure thoughts and emotions, tenderness, love, patience, perseverance, courage, and sentimentality for those that exist beyond our reach.
Accepting the struggle that was tailor-made for our broad shoulders and backs.
I welcome this challenge even as my stride becomes hampered
For as with each step that I take
I further embrace the requirements that I live in the discomfort.
The discomfort of a continued evolution of mind, body, and spirit…