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The way to remain sane is to exist in emotional isolation
never allowing yourself to empower others
to plot your emotional course.
Detached seems to be the remedy.
Never allowing love or friendship to become insurmountable within your world. This cold war approach to the human experience is not meant to curb
fascist or communist perspectives but to protect our core sensibilities.
The entrapment of life’s circumstances force logic out of the window at the most in opportune times.
Thoughts trickle from porous cranial passages like water faucets.
Taking with them bygones and once weres
as if they can replenish, replace, or restore
those impactful things
that remain etched in the corners of our psyche.
The prognosis
is not what the doctor ordered
yet we still sit tirelessly
wishing, waiting, and wanting
all that makes the least sense for
rational thinkers and doers…