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The healing of a broken heart is a delicate and time-consuming process
in which one grapples with
a wide range of emotions and perplexing questions
Why did it happen?
Did I make the right decision?
How will I ever move on?
All of these, and then some, may run through ones mind too often
never to be answered
Life has a funny way of reminding us simultaneously of our immense value yet probable discardability
We, as unique as we may be, are just one speck of sand along an infinite beach
This reality is one that we often wish to fight as diehard romantics
quickly acquiesce to if our souls have been neglected.
This form of neglect may take numerous forms and levels of significance for us
We may attempt to mask our damage through irrational behaviors or falsehoods of substitution
Forever avoiding the impediment that prevents our hearts from fully functioning at optimal levels
Emotional blood clots are evident in a non-healing heart
Whose beats suffer from an arrhythmia that the resulting distance helped to create
The only medication that seems to work is the variety that has a latency that only the Creator and ascendant ancestors truly know
“Time heals all wounds” is a phrase often uttered by those who seek to speed the process that has a mind and will of its own
Beyond the mental will of the most arduous defender of her or his emotional stability
Distant heartbeats occur more often than we realize
Sheer echoes of a former reality that has decayed beyond recognition
Forensic pathologists have yet to decipher this perplexing phenomenon
Unlike the concocted scenarios displayed on the idiot box
in which the most inconceivable detail is discovered
as if our society really chooses to pay that close attention
Patience is not as virtuous for the individual
who is seeking the heartbeat like the apneic one
who desires her or his next breath when asleep
So truly appreciate each beat that you get to hear, feel, and share
up close
For once you allow distance to enter the fray
you may find yourself a shell of your former self
in need of a cardiologist…