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Eyes on…
The prize
The holy grail
The treasures of Giza
All of which amount to
objects, opportunities, and/or experiences
beyond reach
Life’s tests are abound and often place the traveler in need of a compass
beyond our current limitations and self-defeatedness

Forwardly thinking backwards
Confusing the desires of the past
with the realities and complications of the present and future
Stalling in life as the complexities of living overwhelms
our internal navigational systems
Moving in quicksand is a problematic circumstantial exercise
for one who does not have the ability
to discern what constitutes the past from
what is found in the present or future

Forwardly thinking backwards
prevents us from the perceived prosperity
that we have yet to achieve
Denial is an addictive coping mechanism of escapism
Escaping the tough decisions and realities
that help to shape the person
we have yet to become
We remain in hibernation
in our chrysalis state
Forwardly thinking backwards