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The passing of time triggers and often erodes memories
subtly chipping away at those things precious to us—in our worlds
yet if we are lucky
we come across those special few
who touch our lives in the most impressive ways
Over the course of my lifetime
I have had the pleasure of that experience
yet with that pleasure
comes the immense pain
that losing that important figure brings
While focusing on the meaningful and pleasurable memories of those
who have etched themselves
within our hearts and minds
the seemingly insurmountable void is left
for us to acknowledge
through grieving, tribute, and cherishing
all that our minds and hearts can muster
As I painfully write these words
I, too, attempt to do all that I’m suggesting

Janet Lisa Hoag Mieritz was one of those persons for me
Her bridled fierceness was one that I admired
The gentle way in which she would remind me of my significance
in the most opportune moments
She was and remains a gift
that was shared with me during a pivotal time in my development
I didn’t always understand or fully appreciate her significance
I now realize but I’m sincerely thankful nonetheless
Your expressed pleasantries
spoke to me in the midst of occupying a space that structurally sought to strip
most, if not all, of its participants
of our humanity something precious to each and everyone of us
and from time to time
we are fortunate
to meet or have others who affirm it
in ways in which we may never have thought we needed nor were possible
Personified kindness
is not lost on those of us
who are at least remotely conscious of the blessings placed within our lives.
Personified kindness
emanates from the souls of special people
Personified kindness
was and remains in my memories of my friend,
Janet Lisa Hoag Mieritz