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As we live this life, we often find ourselves faced with insurmountable challenges
Whether it is about making decisions regarding family, friends, and/or careers
We are placed at proverbial forks in our roads
Often second guessing ourselves and the resulting decisions
I, for one, have been in this place of discomfort more frequently than I would like to ever admit aloud
Yet, today as I come to terms with the realization that we are laying to rest someone who means so much to me and others,
I have to make new decisions to shape the next stage of my journey
I have decided to move on yet never forget
The legacy and man whose life I’ve been so blessed to be a part of
I have decided to become that person who he saw within me
I have decided to love and share myself with others, in my own ways,
To shape my very own legacy
Emulating the man who we are here to celebrate the closing of his chapter on Earth
I have decided to be so much more than what I have made visible
Today marks a day that will remain bittersweet
I am back in a city in which I did not realize that I loved
as a result of the many relationships and experiences
that I have had over the years
Yet I am here for a reason that I still do not wish to accept
and I am still unable to say a name that I have so lovingly come to associate with brotherhood,
kindness, wisdom, giving, food especially salmon, love, family, and honesty
I do not say these words in my own selfishness but in honor of a person who I know has touched the lives of every one who is able to hear my voice
Or who has been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a man who commands so much respect and admiration
A man whose heart was as big as they come
A heart that gave until its very last heartbeat
I’m honored that you thought of me in your last days
I’m honored that you embraced me as a fraternity brother
and I truly believe as an adopted son
I’m honored that
Mom, Chawnte, Lil Robert, and Enrico are also my adopted family
My life has truly been made so much better as a result
As we lay you to rest,
I have also made a decision to mend the fences with my other adopted brother, Abasi
that you so patiently waited for me to do.
I have decided to do these things and more
so that you will always be a part of me and my journey.
I love you and them more than these words can ever express
Your legacy continues on as
A husband
A father
Our mentor
Our brother
Our friend
Our “Chef-Boy-R-Ghetto”
Our “TreeBob”
My “Denver Dad”…