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The crashing of symbols to a delightful melody
Influenced by traditions and ancestral rhythm
Odes to the mystic romanticism that sustains ones hopes and dreams
Historical memories, reflective symbolism of yesteryear
Miles, Ella, and Duke to name a few
“Round About Midnight,” “Suppertime,” and “Misty”
Rhythmic samples of delight
Jazz… over varied strands of eclectic notes
Fielding the visions of extravagance
That shapes streams of the unconscious desires that motivate us
To do and become more
Than anything we have yet to imagine on our own
We are travelers along an uncharted path
That we must trek
Sometimes it requires periods of solace
While at other points we are among comrades
In each case we must serve as the primary navigator
if we truly wish to arrive at our destination
Our soundtracks for this journey run the gamut
Pick yours carefully as there won’t be any opportunities
to reconstruct your playlist