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Recognition of painful realities makes for the darkest moments in our journeys toward the destines that we have been charged to fulfill
Watching the ideals that we hold dear engage in conflict with the emotional ties that our hearts have bound us to
We are human
We are vulnerable
We are broken
Yet we are reflectively resilient
Doing the hard work of digging into our inner thoughts and failures
Pealing the scabs from partially healed wounds
Looking in the places within our souls that we have usually repressed and/or denied for a multitude of reasons
Seeking answers that we are not always willing to hear and accept
Doing this work does not guarantee that we are any better or wiser
Yet it is essential to a process that ultimately allows us to become that much closer to our optimal selves
Reflecting on the mistakes that we have made along our path
Not to admonish any of the party members as that does not lead us to a promised land like the North Star
For that would not serve a meaningful purpose.
We must instead struggle with those insecurities and personal hindrances to the best of our abilities
Leaning on the shoulders of loved ones and dearest friends
While being ever vigilant in continuing our steps forward towards our ultimate goal(s)
Resiliency is not an ability that one should take lightly
One must weather the most challenging storms
Travel along the most treacherous terrains
Have unwavering faith in that which is essential to whom we are
Our core selves
Reflective Resilience is not something that can be easily done
It requires a fare that each practitioner must pay
Cognitive dissonance is prevalent within this process
Of shedding falsehoods that we create for ourselves to temper a reality that we seek to mask
All of our answers are within our journey like travel markers along a well-traveled highway
The purging of emotional pain in the form of tears and hollow cries of names that are soon-to-be foreign
Like the most remote currencies
In sense a “shedding our skin”
Reengaging the person we often deny…
Reflective resilience is a powerful tool that forces us to be intimate with aspects of our personhood that need us the most
As we do this work we build a better self
One that affirms us
Loves us
Guides us
Challenges us
Propels us
To do and/or become that which we have been situated on this journey to accomplish
Empowered and whole…