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Learning of loss creates mixed emotions for each of us
Some deny it as if this process will somehow make what we now miss miraculously return
Others fight against it trying to make it reappear which in some regard is more like the prior
Yet others embrace the loss and allow themselves to enter into acceptance
By doing so they have freed themselves of whatever bond associated with what was lost
Each scenario described above reflects elements of the process of grief that is often associated with the mourning of the loss of something significant to us.
What do we do as we are forced to reevaluate all that we have come to believe and know?
Where do we turn for the correct answers?
How do we find peace within ourselves and all that remains of what is left?
These are questions that now plague my consciousness
Recognizing that the change that loss creates is the discomfort that true personal and emotional growth requires
Reflective resilience is a necessary component of this process as how we respond to these changes and challenges is directly related to the well-being in which we must achieve or at least strive for
We must remember that who we are is independent of that missing piece while embracing the undeniable influence that what was lost undoubtably has/had on us
As we struggle from within