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When all that you fight and care for is embattled by the shadows cast by the element of doubt, what do you do?
When your words are interpreted in skewed ways, how do you retain your message?
When the interpretation of your actions is the antithesis of ever fiber of your being and pulsation of your heart, what else is there for you to do?
When your silence is mistaken for contempt, how do you resist condemnation?
When your love is taken for granted or worse misunderstood, how do you respond?
Each of these questions represents the perils of a broken heart
A heart whose beats have been fractured
An arrhythmia that no treatment can correct or cure
A heart that has given all that it has been built to give and then some
For an ideal that has yet to be actualized
A vision that has yet to be shared
For in order for that to happen it requires that one is able to see beyond one’s own limitations and insecurities
Love in conflict
In a battle between two opposing forces
Clashing ideals and perspectives
Communication disconnected by faulty connections as if operating on one bar
Tormenting each other or at least giving the appearance of such thoughts
Love in conflict
Placed on an embattled minefield
Where each step is compounded by the possibility of it being the last
Traveling a path that has so many obstacles along it preventing a safe passage
Love in conflict
An endless amount of tears that resurface with each passing memory
Passing word
Passing touch
Passing wish
Passing desire
Passing failure
Love in conflict is just that
The real life challenges of those
Who seek to find love
Who seek to hold onto it as if it will be the last opportunity
Who seek to believe that it can conquer all
How naïve is that?
The innocence of love is what makes it so desired
It is an elixir that rivals that of the elixir of life
So even with all that the quest for “true love” entails
We continue to seek it out as if it is our own mecca
Allowing us to cleanse ourselves of all the pain and heartache that the quest itself helped to shape
Love in conflict is whatever your journey has shaped it out to be
You must decide how you wish to travel it
You must decide how you will let it define your purpose and future goals
You must decide if it is even worth an attempt
It is a risk that can yield a high reward
Love in conflict is an oxymoron of sorts
To achieve and bask in its essence it often requires that we endure the pain of its fleeting memory…