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In search of perfection we often find the most flaws not solely in those who we cast our gaze on but instead from where we are ourselves looking from
We seek an imaginary collection of socialized ideals and principles that we often have no idea from which they came.
We call them what our mothers or fathers taught us
We empower stale remnants of tokenized tributes that we often have not seen for ourselves
We hope that they exist beyond this collection of abstractions that we call perfect
We look at images on television screens or magazine covers as if they have the correct answers
We turn to those who are themselves incapable of identifying an iceberg in a desert let alone the immaculate nuances of inner beauty
That we find uncharted because we are taught not to recognize them
When we think of perfection we often think of anything that is not us
Why does that happen?
We think of perfection as if it were a fleeting fantasy that we are undeserving of
In the process we have relinquished our will and rights to something that is truly deserving of our inner beauty
When we think of perfection we struggle
When we think of perfection we think of unbroken pieces unlike of broken hearts
When we think of perfection we think of the possibilities that the mending of wounds are achieved through the passing of time
When we think of perfection we think of what is not in front of us
Only to not recognize that when we stop thinking of what is perfect
We can be that for ourselves…
Perfection is nothing more than a desire to be all that you can be with all that you have within you to be it
One day I hope that when thinking with this in mind that you will ultimately see that perfection is core to who we all are when we are truly in tune with who we are…
For perfection is found in the beauty of life and the love that it affords us to live it
So instead of searching for a fleeting fantasy try searching for a stable inner core that fuses ones mind, body, and spirit
Creating a harmonious melody perfectly designed to our journey’s soundtrack
In following this you will discover all that you were unable to see or hear at any time before
A heightened consciousness that alters preconceived notions that were never ours in the beginning
So if perfection is what you are seeking may be it’s time to change your channel to a rhyme that has a reason that speaks to who and what you are and truly seek to become
And then and only then might you truly find what you were really in search of…