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With each passing moment our lives are shaped by decisions
Decisions that we either make or refrain
Questions that we either ask or avoid
Solutions that we either find or overlook
Each has the capacity to mean so much to our respective paths
Uncharted destinations filled with presumptions
Filled with doubts
As we pursue our course
One that we often seek
once we recognize
Our mistakes
Our failures
Our inabilities to fashion ourselves
into becoming what our potentials afford us

We must look within ourselves
for no one else can do this for us
We must come clean
Not for others’ pleasure
but for our salvation
We must shed our hindrances
We own our misgivings
We must be true to our inner selves
We must find our way

Our way is unique to each of us
even if others recognize some of the markers
We must listen to the tidbits of wisdom that align with our trek
Yet, we must consciously make our own decisions
To propel us forward
Or hold us back
Only time, the ancestors, and the Creator know for sure

We must trust in ourselves
in ways that may only make sense to us
We must persist in the midst of all that suppresses our promise
We must find our way
We me weather our storms
We must speak our truths

We must be our own champions
We must follow our own North Star
We must do all of these things
One step at a time
One deep breath for each movement

Expanding our vision
Expanding our purpose
Expanding our possibilities

We must do all of these things
with as much conviction as we can muster
Enduring the greatest sacrifices and hardships
As each of us travel our own
Roads to redemption…