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Figments of our imaginations
offer us solace in times
when reality is not in line with our desires
Trepidation ensues
Leaving remnants of stains
Emotional residue
Our own carbon footprints
Positioned to trample
The bludgeoning of chance
Yes, you’re familiar
And if not
You may need to return to the sands
Those that have scorched many who have dared to cross them
Like the Sphinx whose been offended by history
Yet, still finds a way to remain
Situated in nothingness is not what Jean-Paul Sartre would recommend
If you were reading philosophy
Existential Terrain is challenging to navigate
Not only for those who understand the symbolism
But also for those who are unconscious
Unconscious of what emanates from within or towards them
For foreign objects are treated worse here than along
the southern borders
No Minutemen here
And if they are
They lack documentation
How ironic is it that those who seek clearance
have no ability to grant it for themselves?
Sounds like the every day struggles of public school teachers who are held to the whims of uncertified critics
Or the misguided influence of currency from the ever present lobby
Lobbying to keep children from our classrooms because we need their papers
Unless their elders are mowing our lawns, picking our fruit, preparing our food  from beyond our view, or building/cleaning our fancy houses in the early morning or long nights
The beauty of modern capitalism
Where labor is cheap or damn near free
And systematic practices of misdirection remain a key tactic
Go Google it while you’re at it
According to analytics they already know what you’re thinking…
You’ve be trained and dare not to question it because then you’re not Patriotic
And you know what that act can suggest if you’re not careful?
Guantanamo is not as distant as one may think
Just like on certain sides of the tracks when the sun goes down
And you will clearly see
Or will you?
It depends.
On what channel you’re turned to
ESPN won’t carry this unless you purchase the right subscription
Walter ain’t releasing people these days
They work them hours so that when you visit you’re entertained
Yep, I was there too.
And thoroughly enjoyed myself
Can’t be claiming to be Che or El-Hajj
Too many flaws in my game
Oops, I don’t play those
Unless it’s the game of life that I have to win
Because if I lose
All of those who lost their lives or sacrificed their freedoms
will have lost even more on their incalculable investment
Not in me
But in the future that encases me
Encases you
Encases the little ones that we seek to have
Seek to protect
Seek to love
The little ones who are still residing inside of
Each of us
So protect your little ones
Therefore you’re protecting yourself
The Big Bad Wolf loves more than Little Red Riding Hood
Or was that a Little Red Corvette?
Of course not, that is just a reference to date myself
My experience in the game
Ooops, I don’t play those
Yet, everyone around me does
Matrices are around me as if I were Ne-Yo
I didn’t misspell it, I did that on purpose
Since memories are short I tried to be current
Doesn’t have to be the truth
It just has to be something that you wish to believe
Like on Gentlemen Fox
With his Friends
This is what America does
so therefore that includes Ameri-cans
Yet most Ameris-can’t
Like read above 3rd grade level or read text that isn’t bullet pointed.
Yep, we’re talking comprehension
When did that happen?
Did you notice?
Or did you care?
Never mind, it ain’t that important
All I really need is 140 characters or some emoticons and I’m good
But am I really?
I don’t know but if I turn to the right channel I don’t have to think about it
You know that I could be making all of this up, but would you go research it to find out?
Ooops, that means you’re back to Google.
Hopefully Google Scholar at least.
Just don’t pay too much attention to my profile
I didn’t follow the rules
I like long sentences
Complex if possible
Don’t get mad if you find a few split infinitives in the mix
Yet, I wish it was an Infiniti G
I’ll let you pick the model as long as it’s a convertible and hopefully black
I grew up loving Knight Rider
But not the new KITT
Nor Kit Kat
Don’t need no breaks but if you did
Make sure it included Nell
You know her last name?
If not, go and…
That blank was filled before I even finished typing the line
How easy certain things are when you try
(Ooops, I did it again like Britney)…
Or is it when you are conditioned?
Air Conditioned like in Texas around August.
Yep, I’m being reminded of that right about now
I have mine on 76
And no, it didn’t declare me anything
There weren’t a whole bunch of men to sign it in protest
Ooops, don’t use that word too loudly
Especially in that place with an M-O.
But then again, be careful in N-Y or D-C or F-L-O-R-I-D-A
LeBron wasn’t the only one who left
I did too.
Yet, not soon enough
I got the scars to prove it
But I’m relearning a few old letters like U-G-K
Some readers got that because you like them underground kings
“and I keep yelling it but ya’ll don’t hear me though”
Like it was “Who ya rootin’ for?”
Have fun with that
Until Homecoming…