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Preoccupied with misgivings fortified by reoccurring losses
Failing forward
Regretting unintended consequences
Shackled by remembrance of faint whispers
Calling out names
Names that no longer flow from ones tongue as readily
Intimate partners become distant strangers
Who’ve operated within our inner domain like a thief in the night
Stealing bone, blood, muscle
And most importantly, life
A life together
A future of promise
That now resembles shattered glass
Sprawled across a kitchen’s floor
We are quick to cut our losses before truly tabulating our winnings
Emotion is a funny trait amongst humanity
A fuel for our successes and failures
We progress because we’re caught in its rapture as if we’re being beckoned by Anita
We remain stagnate and confined as if we’ve encountered Pavlov
The saga plays out inside and outside
We cannot truly escape its clutches if it truly was in us in the first place
We are lost children looking for the right answers to all of our wrong questions
Failing forward is how we cope
Like a bull in a china shop
We stumble breaking much of what we encounter
Failing forward is our battle cry
For we are in a fight that encompasses our inner beings
Failing forward
Because in this life it appears we can never succeed
when failing backwards