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Taking moments to reflect on what others mean is essential to the growth that each of us should seek
Living up to the lofty expectations that we are ultimately heirs to requires that we commit ourselves
To a vision beyond ourselves
Beyond our egos
Beyond our fears
One that makes those who’ve come before us proud
We can never return to the past
yet we can invoke our memories of them
in the actions that we take in the present
In remembrance
We honor those who’ve fallen
Who’ve been laid to rest
Who’ve transcended their mortal bodies
Who’ve left an indelible mark on us in some profound way
In remembrance
We may plant a tree
Name a future child
Make a contribution in their honor
But most importantly,
We build on their legacy through our gifts
To the future
To the present
To humanity
We each have much to celebrate as we remember those whom we’ve lost
In the physical form
Yet, we hold them tighter within our hearts
In remembrance
With each passing day
I know that each of them protect me
Hear my heart
Comfort me as I long to see them again
My work is not done here as I have come to understand
In remembrance
I am reminded of how fleeting our lives really are
Yet, how impactful our impressions are and can be
on those we leave behind
In remembrance of them
I hope to leave behind much for others
when I rejoin them wherever they maybe
Until that fateful moment
I will continue to fashion
the strands that will be woven to tell my story
Thereby giving further life to their stories
Their memories
Their significance to me
in the ways in which I know how
through these timely key strokes
In remembrance