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What in spires us finds its mark
In the most inopportune ways
We are taken in by its aura
We are captivated by its essence
We are entranced by strands of consciousness
That emote something from within
Within ourselves
Within our hearts
We shutter to think of that the outcomes represent
Yet we challenge ourselves to move forward
To embark
On our journey
Which life requires of us
For the alternative is what Sartre
Describes as Being and Nothingness
A duality that overshadows me
Always placed as the adversary
To what is viewed as ordinary
I by sheer definition then must be abnormal
For my reality and my thoughts seem to be steps out of place
Within my ever changing circles
In adapting loss of ones personhood is the only conceivable outcome
So along the margins I choose to remain
Marginalized or margin-less
The boundaries that are set for us are often the ones that we most set for ourselves through our fears and trepidations
Can we channel our spirits for something more
Even if it requires our all?
Can we see beyond our limits even if it impairs our present?
We are what we answer to.
Or better yet what we allow others to ascribe to us
We cannot be victims in our own existence
We have believe and perceive ourselves to be our very own champions
For without that belief within ourselves
What is at our core is fated to no longer exist
So live for life’s sake
Breathe fully
And love intensely
But make sure that all that are done are granted for yourself first
And not another…