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Distant scents that remind me
Faint whispers accented with that special flair
Vast arrays of symbols and actions
Echoes of You
The speech given that connects us
Unites a diverse collection of souls
Echoes of You
Revisiting the past
Shaping of a future
A future with noticeable holes
Similar to stenciled characters
On an uneven canvas
Gifted to tell an untellable story
One that seems to position itself
Just beyond normal reach
So we must endure
We strive
We must not give in
Nor give up
Echoes of You
Reminiscent of something with so much promise
Yet, so much confusion
Uncertainty and doubt
Echoes of You
Damaged much in its wake
Hearts, spirits, and dreams
Yet, a conviction serves as a reminder of the test
A test of these troubling times
Echoes of You
Becoming fainter with each breath of life taken
With each step forged forward
With each dream re-envisioned