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No matter who we are or what we ultimately do
We face certain unifying experiences
Those that transform us in immeasurable ways
We offer different names for what these experiences mean to us
With good reason
Yet, if we are lucky
We are able to muster enough within ourselves to embrace
these moments as frequently as they happen within our lives
Life’s transitions are often extremely difficult to understand
Let alone endure
Yet, we must do so
These transitions may require letting go
Or holding on tighter
That’s the most interesting thing about it
We don’t always know what we should do when we are faced with these instances
Or dreams
That are hopefully what drive us
They provide us with the gifts that preoccupy our existences
If we are truly lucky
We even recognize when these monumental moments arise
If we are less fortunate
we learn of them after our opportunity has expired
As if it were set on the side of a milk carton
Life’s transitions are vital to our growth and development
Life’s transitions are concretely etched in the timeline that defines our imprint on Mother Earth
What a wonderful life we can have if we embrace the good and bad found within our life’s transitions
I, for one, am trying my best do this now in spite of every reason that I can devise not to
Life’s transitions are living, breathing, feeling oxymorons
They are my Rubik’s Cube that I have yet to solve…