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The lives that we live can shape our thoughts and dreams
Deterring us from our destinies and obligations
Between a rock and a hard place
When taken at face value
places us in between only two possibilities
A duality that offers us little recourse
Between a rock and a hard place
Paints a portrait of helplessness and desperation
Yet, I ask how many of us have found ourselves there?
How many of us saw no conceivable way out?
How many us were ready to fail before we even considered our ability to succeed?
Between rock and a hard place is not the end all be all
It is only a place that we, if not diligent, will remain waiting for another to rescue us
Between a rock and a hard place
Is not a natural place for human beings to
Between a rock and a hard place
Limits our free movement which so many us needed as children and as adults still need
Between a rock in a hard place is
Where we may find our enemy
Of many forms
Between a rock and a hard place
Is not to be ignored as a figment of our imaginations
It is real and harming so many bright futures and minds
Breaking spirits
Creating a sense of languish
Eroding our abilities to rise to the occasion
Between a rock and a hard place
You will find people like me
Those who seek to enter the most challenging of places because we know that we must
Because some of us know that we were and remain only a few choices and/or chances of fate from being there as well
Because at some point in time,
We’ve realized that we are not between a rock and hard place
We are crossed among a heart, head, and hard place
Our hearts extend out to those who are in all sorts of circumstances
Our heads are constantly seeking remedies and solutions for those who
have suffered,
or will suffer in the future
And as a result of each,
We are fixtures within this space
Between a rock and a hard place
Because we believe that by us being there
If only for a moment
We’ve created a softer space that was not there before…