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As the years and memories fade and are reimagined
The loss of loved ones endure within us sentiments
Sentiments that recapture what those we’ve loved
have meant and continue to mean each and every day
Losing those whom you love is an inevitable part of living
A part of living that reminds us of how limited our physical time will be on this earth
Reminds us what we too easily forget
the importance not only of loving but being loved
Reminds us that the love we can offer is unique
And truly meaningful
A meaning that we often are painfully reminded of in memoriam
Through loss
We find strength
A strength to cry as we reflect
A strength to mourn as our hearts require
A strength to move one step forward through each tear and moment of sadness
Through loss
We find strength
A strength to share our memories for future generations to know
A strength to help fill a void that loss often creates
Not equally as our predecessor
but only as we can through what we carry with us of them
Through loss
We find strength
A strength that is forged through long nights and pillow soaked mornings
A strength forged through battles with depression and grief
A strength forged through allowing others to see our vulnerabilities
Through loss
We find strength
To continue
To remember
To share
To love
In order that we can continue to live
So that our love for them can too…