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The choices that make our lives unique
Come at a premium that often we, at the outset, are unwilling to pay
We find external excuses or justifications to satisfy our ineptness
Our insecurities
Our inability to accept our faults
Seeking satisfaction comes at a cost
Temporary pleasure often is at the expense of a lifetime of trust
Fleeting accomplishments are what we are more accustom to these days
We are creatures of substance who have for some unfortunate reason
lost our way
We, in our moments of dismay, seek what is often the worst thing for us
on our respective journeys
We find satisfaction in vices of pleasure or materialism
Forgetting the substances that feed our souls or inner selves
We become idle beings who are waiting for Superman
A figment of our creation and not that of Siegel and Shuster
We conform to others’ whims and wishes
Hoping to make them our own
Hoping that we can fool ourselves into a false sense of self actualization
Seeking satisfaction
While enduring a world of agony
Problematizes all that we hold dear
Hold as truth
Hold us together
We are ultimately fragmentized
Rendered emotionally impotent
A survivor of our own personal holocaust
Such a painful word that evokes such memories is intentional
For we, who have been emotionally scared, continue to wear our identifiers
Our emotional tattoos or, in some cases, a modern day scarlet letter
An imaginary yet ever so real reminder of the person
we wish we were not being
who resides in our mirrors
Seeking satisfaction is our battle cry
For a silent yet painstaking internal war
As if Dan Brown was the author
The irony of Angels and Demons
on this day
Robert Langdon has no answers that quench our insatiable thirsts
Seeking satisfaction
Is like we are Perceval chasing a Holy Grail
without any clues…