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The fluid motion that guides us is one that must never be forsaken
Life’s challenges and uncertainties give many, reasons to fail through surrender
Only to blame those missteps on the acts of others
And not their very own
Only to cloak oneself in the fabric of self-proclaimed ignorance
While remaining crafty in every personal interaction
Manipulation is a characteristic worthy of a Chess reference
No Rook
No Pawn
No Bishop
No Queen
Can protect the path and direction of the susceptible King
A king with a troubled crown
Situated above an even more troubled brow
Limiting the gaze into possibility
How does one continue to create a foundation without the proper components at their disposal?
How does one continue to manufacture an existence that its creator shuns?
What other outcome can be had when only one outcome is desired?
Trepidation is the battle cry for many who are stagnate
Stagnate emotionally
Stagnate physically
Stagnate in every facet of the human endeavor
An endeavor that we have come to know as living…