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Each step that we take
amounts to a collection of the decisions that we’ve made
Each step that we take informs us and others
of the person who we are and seek to become
Yet, as we forge our destines
we are inextricably linked
To the understandings and misinterpretations of those
who serve as the world’s voyeurs
We are on display for the world to see
Our mistakes
Our successes
Our weaknesses
Our strengths
Each step that we take creates more material for others to sort through
Creating a mosaic out of our calculated footprints
Each step that we make
when thought of this manner
Can create a paralysis within us that hinders our progress
Or cause our respective gates to become hindered
There is nothing like walking through your journey with additional weights upon your shoulders
Hampered by the burdens of imperfection and idolization of false images and expectations
Each step that we make is one that has a rippling effect
One that gives others the inspiration to take their very own steps
Or on the contrary
Serves as their models for ineptness and failure
Each step that we make matters for so many unseen reasons
Each step that we make is one less that our life will have the opportunity for
So what will you do with your precious path?
How you will provide a way for those who seek to emulate your movements?
How will you decide what helps to govern yours?
With each step that we make
We reaffirm or redefine who we are meant to be in this world
Each step is precious
Each step is both singular and plural
Each step puts us on our paths full of twists and turns