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Remarkably captured in my imagination
Perplexing yet understood
Of the variables that constitute this phenomenon
One that has fixed its sights and hold onto what was beyond reach
Stored away
Under guard
With each passing moment that begins to change
For the better
For the unknown
With each passing moment what is hardened becomes malleable
What is exiled becomes repatriated
The immeasurable chaos that accompanies becomes desired harmony
The instrumentation that orchestrates our understanding of ourselves
Takes center stage for this performance
Of life
A life that is less perfect than it has ever been before or envisioned
Garnered with civility and promise
Rooted in a core belief in something more
With each passing moment time becomes an echo
Reminding all within its reach of how important all things dear to us remain
Reminding us of the invaluable purpose of love
And its affect on all those who are fortunate enough to encounter its path…