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Falsehoods and desires for greatness

Left with the responsibilities of our ancestors

Most of whom I’ve never met

To the future generations who I hope to help empower

This chosen path often positions me in the role as gatekeeper or antagonist

Neither of which I seek to portray

So much is at stake

The past, present, and future converge upon us

With the impact of an atomic bomb

Destroying all within its reach

Yet, we persevere like abolitionists, freedom riders, and infantry of the great wars

Each battle we embark upon impacts an unformed legacy

Of young and old

Insanity is defined by our actions as we believe in those who often have had no opportunity to believe in themselves

Intellectual idols are few and far between for many because we’ve never been allowed nor taught about the intellectuals who look, talk, or act like us.

In recognition of these truths as self-evident

I embrace my reason

My purpose

My calling of being an educator…