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Transfixed with fleeting thoughts and question marks
Regulated to internalized skeletons, buried deep
Our pride can become our greatest asset while simultaneously being an equivalent liability
Each guided step leads us to a conclusion that we often deny
To be encapsulated
At the mercy of another
Flesh and bone
Mind and spirit
Forbodes many complexities for which we place our wounded, vulnerable selves
With each rhythmic melody or sorrow song
We forge ourselves ahead in the imaginations of our captor
The one who garners all that we seek to embody
We yield in inopportune times forfeiting what fuels our agency
Self worth is not defined by the whims of others but by our willingness to become what our hearts and minds imagine
In spite of all obstacles, we pursue a destiny beyond the horizon
With each step we take based on our belief in our dreams
We persevere
We fight
We challenge
We remember
And we forget
Yet through all of these things we never forsake what beats within our breasts
For if we do,
We have allowed what’s most dear to us to be captured by those deemed unworthy
Our heartbeat…