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As our lives continue
We face at different moments fundamental hurdles and challenges
Figurative forks in our roads
Challenging us to be present in the moment
Moments that impact our futures as well as our present circumstances
Letting go to let live
Mothers and fathers
Find these moments true at different stages of development of their children
Lovers will become adversaries if conflicts and contradictions arise
Childhood friends drift apart as their life’s journeys require
Letting go to let live
is a critical facet of our existence
The pain that often arises is one that we bear
With pride
With reservation
With an undying belief that we must
We need
We are required
Letting go to let live
Allows us to either free ourselves or further become imprisoned
By regret
By what ifs
By what could have beens
When as stewards of our lives
we naively deny all signs that answer our deepest questions
Those we most fear
The ones that let us know that what we once held dear was not meant for us
What we once guarded as truth was fiction or not what we once believed
That our fairytale does not have that happy ending we always wanted
Letting go to let live
Ultimately allows us to let ourselves love