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Pressured landmarks

Imprints of our existence

Imposing or faint

We leave them all over as we make our way

Circling footsteps

Piercing the Earth and its beautiful landscapes

Telling all who see them that

We are here 

We are alive

We are powerful

We are driven

Drivers of our own destinies


Successes and failures

Owning them is one of our greatest challenges

Because it forces us to 

Be honest

Be humble

Be vulnerable

Be authentic

When we do these things, we free ourselves of our unsettled burdens

Through reflecting on those paths that we’ve walked

We’ve stumbled through or even crawled

Insignificance is our adversary

We fight to be relevant

To be seen

To be understood

To be loved

To be human

Not the version of human that others seek to define

For they are not the writers of our lived scripts or steps

With circling footsteps, we learn more about from where we’ve come in hopes to determine where we are going

With each movement that we take

We capture more of our possibilities

As scary as that may seem in that moment

We gain momentum

We gain stamina

To do what we are destined to do and become

With every circling footstep, we hold ourselves accountable for our actions

Because we have left a clear legacy indicating from where we’ve been

Interrogation is a required component of our journey

Do not run from or avert your eyes

You must stay ever present in this walk

Never to make the same mistake twice

Because we can easily see that there is so much more for us over the horizon

Do not allow fear to stop you from continuing this path

This road

This route

You are not bound by time, in the sense that others dictate, but only your own

This is the beauty of our existence

You are not others’ projections of who you ought to be

You are far more than what they can comprehend

As these footsteps continue, you will soon realize

Your purpose

Your autonomy

Your gifts

Circling footsteps are individualized and unique as snowflakes in the winter

Or our very own fingerprints

Circling footsteps are a tapestry of our making

What beauty they make

Because they radiate the elegance within each of us

Never succumb to the false equivalencies that those who do not carry 

Your burdens

Your baggage

Your insecurities

Your hopes

Your dreams and ambitions 

Hold on tight to them like an infant does its parent when in despair

Circling footsteps only end when you give up or give in to those external forces that envy your ability to continue your trek

So never forget to look back from whence you’ve come

Circling footsteps are yours and yours alone

You’ve made them all by yourself

And never apologize for each effort you’ve taken in their creation

Beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder

They are in every step of your gait

Circling footsteps are your solution to every question you’ve ever had

Circling footsteps are your template to becoming

an even more promising and emboldened you..